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Lighthouse on Cape Cod in Massachusetts called Highland Light or Cape Cod Light with the Milky Way arch rising aboveAbandoned building surrounded by trees, water and fog in Tarrytown, Westchester County, NYTarrytown/Sleepy Hollow LightLong Exposure photograph of a downed tree in snow at Ward Pound Ridge in New York State with night sky star trailsBeached Shipwreck at SunsetLong exposure at night of Grand Central Terminal and Pershing Square with cop cars and other traffic creating light trails with the Chrysler and MetLife buildings in the backgroundAcadia National Park, Milky Way, Trees, Space, Astronomy, Astrophotography, Looking Up, Night Sky, Woods, Nature, Stars, Clear SkyLong exposure star trails over the historic Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Light all lit up for the holiday season with reflection in the waterLong Exposure photograph of a road cutting through Fahnestock State Park and pond with the night sky , stars and tail light trails from carsLong Exposure of a marina in spring time with smooth water, clouds and mountains at sunsetDun Briste Sea Stack at Downpatrick Head in County Mayo Ireland with Long Exposure Smooth Water and Clouds9/11 Tribute In Light Memorial over downtown NYC, the east river and the Brooklyn Bridge with a long exposure of a boat creating light trailsLighthouse beams from the Nauset Beach Light during summer 2018 on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with stars and clouds and the path leading up to the lighthouse.2019 Full Hunter's Moon over Rt. 117 with long exposure light trails from cars and woods on both sides in Sleepy Hollow, NYLunar Eclipse Phases during a super blood wolf moon in January 2019 with six minute intervals in between each phasePhotograph of July 4th fireworks in Sleepy Hollow, New York State Hudson Valley with light pole, person and bridge in the distanceCastle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island and cliffs along the ocean with a long exposure sky featuring clouds and starsNew Croton Dam and Reservoir during sunset in spring 2022 with clouds and foliage and flowing water following a spring storm